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This is a picture of Devorguilla, our dog and inspiration for the name Baying Hound.

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Updated website is finally done. View it by guiding your browser to http://www.bayinghound.com.

We released our new upgrade kits and they are flying off the shelves. It’s so much easier to package and ship the kits than the helmets!

Lots of stuff we are still working on, though: finishing set up for QuickBooks accounting software, refining our logo, printing logo/web site address on our bike carrier, looking for other ways to sell our items, deciding what to purchase next, developing a newsletter, making a list of newsletter recipients… I am going to stop there before I overwhelm myself.

Something for you to comment on: should our next purchase be more of the same (military surplus helmets) or something new? Some options include vests and camo clothes. What do you think?

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Hello – This is Rachel, business manager for Baying Hound Ltd. Baying Hound Ltd. is a small business started in January 2006 by my husband, Alex, and myself.

We have been operating an eBay store for about 4 months now to sell our custom modified helmets and other military gear. Recently we started thinking about how to be a better presence on the web and give our customers a way to interact. We decided to try a blog. Alex or I plan to post about our experiences as small business owners, product news, and bizarre habits of the eBay world. We’ll throw in pictures of decorated helmets, items we are considering for purchase, and oddities. Email us for what else you would like to read!

If you are interested in one of our helmets, check out our website at http://www.bayinghound.com or our eBay store at stores.ebay.com/baying-hound-limited.

If you purchased an item from us and want to share a picture on our blog, email us at sales@bayinghound.com.

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