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Next update in the Selling on eBay series: Write a Solid Listing

  1. If you find a good eBay listing for the same or similar item you are selling, use the ‘sell similar’ option. Add details pertinent to your item and your information. There is nothing wrong with copying a good idea!
  2. Use all letters available in the title ā€“ tell as many pertinent details as you can.
  3. Skip the subtitle unless you are selling something available from many other sellers and you can highlight a special feature of your item.
  4. Clearly describe the item in as much detail as possible. Include measurements, sizes, and description of wear. Visit this page for an extensive list of acronyms common on eBay.
  5. Repeat your contact information and payment, shipping, and return preferences in the listing. These will be listed elsewhere by eBay, but buyers sometimes need to see the details twice.
  6. Include at least one picture, or more than one to show details.
  7. Choose the Gallery option. Buyers want to see a picture in your listing.
  8. Skip the bold/border/upgraded and other listing features. If you write a detailed listing, there is no need for this extra cost.
  9. Schedule longer length listings (5 ā€“ 7 days) if you have the time to attract more bids.
  10. Schedule auctions to end at a time when you can be available for the previous two hours for last minute questions.
  11. eBay buyers seem to be less active on Fridays and Saturdays, so avoid these for auction end times.
  12. If your item has international appeal, offer international shipping. The learning curve for getting international shipments sent is a bit steep, but there are many international users on ebay and you do not want to lose their bids. (We always include a few lines obligating the buyer to know and follow import restrictions in their country.)
  13. Rather than setting a reserve price, which costs extra and is not attractive to buyers, set your starting price at the lowest price you are willing to accept.
  14. Look at fees and set your price just below the fee change if you can. (i.e. If fees are raised at $10, set your price at $9.99)

Here is one of our most detailed store listings to give you ideas.


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