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I designed and added a new logo and header to the webstore and blog. Colors on all marketing will be changing to royal eggplant purple, cream, and evergreen too. Like?

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We finally received the 2008 SIGG catalog. Our first order (including this ‘Think Green’ bottle) should be arriving mid February.

When the order arrives we’ll list the new designs on our website as soon as possible. Because of an increase in the wholesale cost, we have to list them at slightly higher prices than our items currently in stock.

To make room for the new stock coming in, all SIGGs are on sale for 10% off the 2007 prices. The sale will only last until the new stock comes in, so get yours at these rock bottom prices while you can!

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In order to better understand our product lines, we routinely test samples. This morning I discovered that I performed one such product test without planning to: I left a partially filled SIGG bottle in the zub freezing car overnight.

Freezing your SIGG is one of the few no-nos listed in their use instructions, so we never thought to test it.

I am surprised to report that there was no damage to the bottle. The water I left was frozen solid. After I allowed it to thaw, I thoroughly examined the bottle in and out. I expected to find misshapen spots or a crack in the screw top. Seeing no effects, I filled the bottle with fresh water and took it to a hockey game. No leaks there, either.

So, while I don’t recommend it, apparently freezing a little bit of water in your SIGG might not be too bad.

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My one complaint about SIGG bottles to this point has been the slick enamel finish on most bottles. It looks great, goes well over SIGG’s unique designs and is no problem to hold with bare hands. However, if you put gloves on, it is very slick to hold.

Enter the ‘Touch’ finish.

The touch finish is an epoxy coating with a texture additive. It is very simple, and under use has proven itself to be very durable. The texture coating offers a firm grip but it is not uncomfortably rough on bare hands. Currently SIGG offers this finish in both their 1L Traveler water bottle and in their .75L Active style.

The downside to the ‘Touch’ finish is that it can’t be applied over any of SIGG’s unique designs. While there is no official word on why, I would suspect the texture additive exhibits too much opacity to allow effective use in a clear coating. For my personal tastes this is no problem as I naturally prefer the solid colors.

I recently used the 1L Traveler Blue Touch on a two week trip to Mumbai, India. While there I put it through its paces as my primary drinking accessory. If you travel in the third world, it is good to have a plan for your drinking water. Even in Western-style hotels and modern cities, the water supply can be contaminated with a variety of objectionable nasties. I poured boiling sterilized water into it with no harm to the inner liner or to the exterior paint coating (try that with a Nalgene bottle!). I treated water inside it with Sodium Chlorite tablets at no detrimental effect to the bottle. And finally, it survived 16,000 miles of airline travel with no problems in my checked baggage.

I used it extensively in my hotel rooms and while traveling to various companies I was visiting. I was always able to maintain a good grip on it even when wet and had no problems with the 1L size.

For my purposes, this seems to be the perfect water container.

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Intuit (makers of Turbo Tax and Quickbooks) is running a contest for small business owners. The winners will receive $50,000 in start up money and other prizes. Unfortunately we at Baying Hound did not hear about it in time to enter.

However, a friend and mentor, Alissa DeRouchie, did enter and is in the final five! The winner is now up to voters. Here are five reasons I think you should vote for her:

1) Her business idea (a kid friendly cafe with healthy food) is innovative.
2) We have nothing like this in Columbus.
3) I know of at least 50 families that would support this business.
4) I need a healthy dining out option for my family.
5) Alissa has been successful running other businesses.

Please vote for Lissi (aderouch) at JumpUp Intuit Vote today and once every day until January 31.

Need more information? Check out VoteCafeandPlay.com.

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To make room for new gear coming soon, we are holding a clearance sale on all Maxpedition products. On our website, use coupon code ‘maxclearance’ for $5.95 off already discounted prices. Or, visit our ebay store to bid on an auction.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008! The new year will bring lots of changes to Baying Hound including new product lines and new SIGG designs. Stay tuned to this blog and our website for all the details.

Two of the most popular new year’s resolutions are to Go Green and Be Healthy.

A new SIGG water bottle is a great way to do both!

Reduce your impact on the environment by reusing one of these stylish bottles instead of tossing plastic bottles and paper cups. When a SIGG finally fails (which may be up to 20 years) the bottle is completely recyclable. Further, the SIGG company minimizes environmental impact during production by carefully sourcing product, using non-toxic paints and cleaners, and reducing packaging.

An attractive, easy to fill bottle can also help you be healthy. Fill with water to stay hydrated during exercise. Researchers have also found that replacing other drinks with water leads to weight loss.

And if you needed more reasons to get a SIGG now – use coupon code ‘new2008’ to save 8% off your order of $30 or more.

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