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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008! The new year will bring lots of changes to Baying Hound including new product lines and new SIGG designs. Stay tuned to this blog and our website for all the details.

Two of the most popular new year’s resolutions are to Go Green and Be Healthy.

A new SIGG water bottle is a great way to do both!

Reduce your impact on the environment by reusing one of these stylish bottles instead of tossing plastic bottles and paper cups. When a SIGG finally fails (which may be up to 20 years) the bottle is completely recyclable. Further, the SIGG company minimizes environmental impact during production by carefully sourcing product, using non-toxic paints and cleaners, and reducing packaging.

An attractive, easy to fill bottle can also help you be healthy. Fill with water to stay hydrated during exercise. Researchers have also found that replacing other drinks with water leads to weight loss.

And if you needed more reasons to get a SIGG now – use coupon code ‘new2008’ to save 8% off your order of $30 or more.


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