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We get this question quite a bit from our friends and customers. The short answer is yes, with a few caveats:

1. Don’t fill it with water first. I know this sounds basic, but even people who travel allot forget they have a filled water bottle (I’ve done it a couple of times since the new regulations were put into place). You can always fill it at a drinking fountain on the other side.

2. Don’t treat it like something special at the security checkpoint and ask if it is ok to take it through. Remember, it is only an empty water bottle, nothing more. When you volunteer information and ask a person in authority if something is ok, often their first response is, “well if he’s asking, maybe there’s something wrong here.” You’re trying to be helpful, but you may only end up causing yourself hassle. It’s not up to you to do the TSA’s job for them.

3. The TSA is often capricious and their policies/procedures vary widely between individual screeners and airports. I say this from personal experience having traveled heavily for business purposes in the last three years. I’ve successfully taken my SIGG through security in Columbus, OH, Minneapolis, MN and Palm Beach, FL. However, I unfortunately can’t guarantee you a problem-free trip as the TSA is so hard to predict. You may run into a screener who decides your SIGG bottle could function as some sort of a weapon, lead to the downfall of western society, and must therefore be restricted from airline travel. Hopefully, however, you will have a good experience.

Let us know if you have anything positive or negative to add on this subject.


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