Archive for April 11th, 2008

The new pup Hawise needed a harness. I browsed at Etsy and found Annie’s Sweatshop, a maker of dog accessories from re-purposed materials. I measured Hawise and ordered from Annie’s website where she makes custom harnesses.

A few days ago the harness arrived in the mail. I am impressed with how well made and sturdy the harness is. The loop for leash attachment is double stitched and runs the length of the back. The whole harness is interfaced and lined. The harness attaches around the neck and chest with adjustable velcro thick enough that Hawise can’t escape by scratching or chewing at it. It’s hard to judge comfort seeing as how dogs can’t talk, but Hawise does not scratch or try to wriggle out, so I have to conclude it is cozy.

Annie was a delight to work with and sent a few extras with the package, including handmade treats for the dogs. If you find yourself in the market for a dog harness, leash, or collar, we heartily recommend Annie’s Sweat Shop.


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