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Slew of News about BPA

National news media is reporting a number of stories relating to BPA:

1) Nalgene is phasing out production of BPA containing bottles
2) The government of Canada is banning the import of containers with BPA
3) The US National Toxicology Program declared that human risks of BPA cannot be dismissed

If you need to replace plastic bottles, we offer a few alternatives:

SIGG aluminum bottles are lined with a BPA free epoxy. The oval and hot and cool SIGGs are produced in stainless steel with no liner.

We are also ordering Guyot Designs stainless steel wide mouth bottles.


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It isn’t in my nature to ask for help. I prefer to do things myself. But marketing in the internet world isn’t something I can control myself. I noticed that I would have to reach out to services and networks to do some marketing for me.

It took some courage for me to stick out my neck and talk to manufacturers about sharing links. I was pleasantly surprised that SIGG and Guyot Designs were happy to add us to their ‘where to buy’ pages. We’ve already noticed orders coming in through those links.

Just goes to show that sometimes taking a risk pays off and is easier than you think.

Don’t forget that you have only a few more days to enter the Ibex Echo-T contest.

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