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Happy Earth Day!

What did you do to celebrate?

We took care of our little piece of the earth on this beautiful sunny day in central Ohio.

First, I pulled out the push mower for the first mow of the year. The mower is hard work, but our yard is small. I am pleased to burn calories instead of fossil fuels to power the mower. An added bonus of the push mower is that children can operate it at a much younger age because it is less dangerous than a traditional mower- here is a picture of Lil trying to mow today:

Next, we watered our vegetable garden with the hose from the rain barrel. Tending the garden takes a remarkable amount of water so we collect rain from the rooftops. The rain barrel water saves us money by not running up our water bill and saves resources at the water treatment plant. If you don’t have a rain barrel and live in Columbus, we recommend checking out the Rain Brothers, two local brothers making rain barrels from reclaimed barrels.

We hope you too will take a few moments to enjoy your spot on the Earth today.


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IDyeYarn is the winner of our Echo T-shirt contest!

Her tip was “We try to buy local products and produce as much as possible this cuts down on the waste for travel (ours and the makers) and it puts money back into the local small buisness economy.”

Thanks to everyone who entered. Another contest will start soon. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and/or our newsletter so you can enter the next one.

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