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We just received and listed our first order of Klean Kanteen bottles. Woohoo! More colors and sizes are coming soon.

By the way, you have four more days to enter the contest to win a Klean Kanteen free of charge.

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What do you think?

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In a little over a month Alex and I will travel to Outdoor Retailer, the largest show of outdoor products in the nation. It’s held in Salt Lake City August 8 – 11.

While we’re are there we will be scouting new products to carry and talking to current vendors. What would you like to see Baying Hound carry next?

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We just received the tracking number for our first shipment of Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles! They should arrive Friday and as soon as they do, we will activate ordering.

Remember that you can enter to WIN a Klean Kanteen too!

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Kleen Kanteen just released their line of colored water bottles. These bottles are the same great design and still made of stainless steel as the original bottles. They are coated with a durable enamel in a variety of color choices.

Our order for Kolor bottles has been placed, and we expect them to arrive in the middle of August. Contact Rachel to be placed on a no-obligation waiting list for these great bottles!

We expect the Kleen Kanteen stainless bottles (plain) to be available bu July 1. We have a large waiting list already for these bottles, but you can still email Rachel now to be added. We’ll be selling these on a first-come/first-serve basis. We’re really excited about this product line as it will give customers another BPA free water bottle choice.

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Hi, I’m Rachel and I love wool underwear. There, I said it. This review has been long in the making mostly because I have had to overcome my fear of writing about “unmentionables”. But the time has come because Ibex merino wool underwear are too fantastic to keep covered any longer.

Over a decade ago I purchase my first pair of Smartwool merino wool socks, my first forray into wool underthings. They felt so soft, cushioned perfectly, and never allowed a blister on my feet. Slowly over the years I acquired more pairs so that now I never wear cotton. Remarkably I have only worn through one pair of these socks.

When it came time to decide which items of Ibex merino wool clothing to test for Baying Hound, I was intrigued by wool underwear. I tried on a pair and my feelings resembled those after my first experience with smartwool socks: I never want to wear cotton again. Wool does the same thing for my bottom that it does for my feet: it breathes, never rubs or irritates and stays comfy even when wet.

Ibex briefs and thongs have a comfortably snug waistband of superfine merino wool. Shaping and stretch is provided by specially designed knit patterns so that only a single flat-stiched seam is found toward the back of the crotch. There are no tags to irritate the skin. These features combine to make a pair of underwear that doesn’t bunch or sag, staying put exactly where you want them. The measurements in the Ibex size chart are true to fit.

The material is an exclusive 17.5 Merino Wool blend of 85% Wool/10%Nylon/5% Spandex. The predominating wool draws moisture away from the skin so that even during vigorous hiking there’s no buildup of sweat. On a recent trip to the New England coast, I hand washed my briefs and hung them to dry. In less than two hours they were ready to wear again. Even if you don’t have time to wash, merino wool has antibacterial properties that will keep body odor at bay.

Most people are attracted to wool underwear for the performance specifications. Ibex goes the next step further by ensuring the design is eye catching as well. The inside hem of the women’s styles reads: “I am sick of four walls and a ceiling, I have a need for the sky and business with the grass”. Both men’s and women’s are cut to be flattering in appearance and feature the Ibex logo on the outside hem.

They come in burnt red, black, and warm green regularly for $21.38. Men’s briefs are available for $26.60 in black and kelp brown.

These underwear are current specials available for only $19.99 and come with a free trial of Guyot Designs Microbites utensils through July 1!

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I just added a facebook page for Baying Hound.com. For Facebook users, the page will allow you to rad this blog and communicate all in one place. Come be a fan!

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We are so excited that Klean Kanteens are Koming at the end of June!

To celebrate, Baying Hound will choose a lucky entrant on July 1 to win one of our newly stocked Klean Kanteen bottles. All you have to do is find this logo: on one of our item pages.

Email us with the correct item name you will be entered to win!

*Only one entry per person. Employees and family members of Baying Hound Ltd. are not eligible. Prize is one Klean Kanteen bottle in stock on July 1 and shipping to winner’s location. Entries must be received by 12PM EST July 1, 2008.

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When first given the Guyot’s “MicroBites” eating utensils, I was skeptical. I mean, it is plastic AND a spork—how good can it be? But one use has made a believer out of me! Although not actually used in a camping context (that will come this weekend), I used the utensils to eat my dinner the other night (gotta love it when hubby has dish duty!). They work a treat! The knife cuts really well—even through steak—and the spork is effective as—well both a spoon and a fork. With the wonderful feature of being able to clip these to a pack, these utensils are seriously all you need to camp or travel—in the wilderness or in the urban jungle. Carry these in your purse or briefcase and no more will you need the flimsy plastic silverware handed out at fast food joints. Not to mention the green aspect—no more tossing away plastic to sit in a landfill for decades. .

All in all, MicroBites are easy to use, work surprisingly well and are very cost effective! A perfect addition for any camper. Or mom. Or business person. Or…well you get the point. Now get some of these!

Review by Chris Jonard, the Quintessential Quill
~When quality is quintessential~
*editing, writing, and research services available*

Microbites specifications:
Material: BPA free nylon polymer
Weight: <1 ounces (22 grams)
Length: 6 inches
Heat safe: to 450 deg. F
Color: tomato red, tangerine orange, slate grey
Cost: $4.95 at Baying Hound

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We just learned that SIGG is placing restrictions on Internet sellers like ourselves. We will not be allowed to place wholesale orders for at least 8 weeks. According to a letter written by SIGG Switzerland CEO, “We will continue to assess our supply vs business opportunities in the near term and longer term future and will let you know when we can strategically supply our brand on internet sales again”.

We are disappointed because without stock we can not make sales, which of course affects our growth. We are also fearful that all the positive Internet buzz about SIGGs will turn when consumers cannot find a retailer. We are discouraged that the company whom we previously trusted now cannot support our growth.

We are most displeased that customers without a brick and mortar store nearby will not be able to order SIGG bottles from Baying Hound or any other online retailer once current stock is gone. If you are upset by this we encourage you to write a cordial email to SIGG requesting that Baying Hound be allowed to make wholesale orders again.

What are we doing to mitigate this situation?

1)We are petitioning SIGG gently but firmly that we believe this is a bad decision for our business and the SIGG brand.

2)We have placed orders for other BPA free bottles with Klean Kanteen and Guyot Designs. These are expected to start arriving at the end of June.

3)We will continue to sell what we have in stock until it sells out. We are doing our best to inform customers of what is currently available conveniently.

We appreciate your support. If you have suggestions for other products you might like us to carry or other ways we can make Baying Hound better, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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