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The perfect Ice Cream bowl

As a reward for being brave at the doctor today, I offered to give our daughter some ice cream. She wanted to eat on the front porch, so I was looking for a non-breakable bowl when I gazed upon our squishy bowls. Perfect, I thought!

Indeed, the squishy bowl was easy to eat from and insulated so the ice cream did not melt quickly. When there were drips at the end, Lillian just folded the bowl like a taco and sipped them right up.

I like the arrangement so much that I just listed an ice cream set of squishy bowls and microbites utensils for just $16.75 + shipping. That’s 20% off buying them separately!

(If you are curious, the ice cream was Ben and Jerry’s Imagine Whirled Peace. Delicious, though not as great as my local favorite, Jeni’s.)

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