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We are madly arranging all the new gear that came yesterday – Green Guru Gear reclaimed material bags and the rest of the Klean Kanteen Kolors! The colorful bounty is amazing!

We’ll have reviews, more news, and more pictures soon, but for now, explore the store with new items listed.

Special offer for blog readers – 20% off any order from now until September 15 using coupon code houndhowls20

PS. Can’t help sharing this cute picture – Hawise playing with a reclaimed climbing rope keychain. She is never still enough to get a decent picture!

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We are excited to offer Green Guru Gear starting shortly. We’ve been looking at their products for some time and were very impressed with what we saw of them at the Outdoor Retailer conference.

Their gear is really top quality, and their environmentally sustainable practices fit right in line with our philosophy. Except for the zippers and buckles, almost every other material used in their products is either reclaimed or recycled. One of the neatest things about their products is the individuality and uniqueness. For instance, the Billboard Messenger bags we will be getting are all crafted from a unique piece of signage. the end result is that your bag will be completely unique to you, and you will never see a duplicate.

We will have quite a few different items, so keep checking back at the store over the weekend to see what shows up.

Personally, I am most excited about the new bag I get to try out shortly. The Vulkar is the largest bag in their Blowout Series. It is almost completely made from recycled inner-tubes, and looks to be about as waterproof as anything could possibly be. I’ll post a review as soon as I get the chance to ride around with it for awhile.

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Klean Kanteen Kolors

After weeks of waiting, our Klean Kanteen kolors have arrived! A second shipment is still coming to complete all kolors in all sizes, but we have a good selection with all kolors in 18 and 27 ounce sizes and some colors in the sippy/12 ounce size right now. The kolors are a small $2 premium for a big impact!

We also have a new light box. I’ll open it up and take pictures of the new shiny bottles sometime this afternoon.

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Gratuitous Hound Pictures

Lillian (3 on September 25) loves to take pictures. Her favorite subjects? The hounds, up close and personal:

Devie ear

Hawise ear

Hawise face

Devie midsection

Dogs begging while Rachel cooks

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We just lowered prices and added Ibex T-shirts to the Clearance Corner. Get an Echo T (at left) for $40 or Qu T (below) for $60! These great prices make it a super time to try merino wool! We guarantee you’ll love it.

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Most of the transactions at Outdoor Retailer are strictly business. But we experienced a connection to charitable causes as well. We visited booths for many non-profit organizations. Afterhours events had auctions and raffles to benefit environmental groups.

We were most impressed by the Audubon and GreenLivingProject events we attended. The National Audubon Society had an informational table in the main hallway. We visited on the first day and were invited to a Swarovski Optik sponsored bird watching expedition to the Great Salt Lake. On Saturday, I spent two hours on a van tour. We stopped at brackish and fresh pools and saw an amazing 27 bird species in addition to a hare and antelope. Asking nothing from retailers, the Audubon society simply exhibited to invite goodwill among outdoors people.

On Saturday afternoon we stopped by the Gregory booth for a presentation by the Green Living Project. The Green Living Project documents via video and photograph the sustainable projects happening worldwide. We watched the most recent episodes detailing projects in Tanzania, Rowanda and Uganda. Their videos are educational, touching, and a great resource for those researching where to make charitable donations.

Please learn more about Audubon and GreenLivingProject from their great websites.

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So we just got back from Outdoor Retailer, Summer, 2008.

It was a pretty awesome time, and we got to see a number of great companies. We’re really excited to start working with some really cool, socially conscious and environmentally responsible companies in the near future. We’ll tell you who they are as the season progresses. We expect to have a few new lines and a number of new products on the website before the holiday season.

We also really liked a number of the non-profit organizations that turned out for the event. They kind of help to take an edge off the commercialism and provide a good perspective on the world around us. Rachel should have a post shortly about these groups.

On a personal note, it was our longest stretch away from our 3-year old Lil. She seemed to do very well staying with Grandma and Grandpa, but we are happy to be back with her.

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