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So we just got back from Outdoor Retailer, Summer, 2008.

It was a pretty awesome time, and we got to see a number of great companies. We’re really excited to start working with some really cool, socially conscious and environmentally responsible companies in the near future. We’ll tell you who they are as the season progresses. We expect to have a few new lines and a number of new products on the website before the holiday season.

We also really liked a number of the non-profit organizations that turned out for the event. They kind of help to take an edge off the commercialism and provide a good perspective on the world around us. Rachel should have a post shortly about these groups.

On a personal note, it was our longest stretch away from our 3-year old Lil. She seemed to do very well staying with Grandma and Grandpa, but we are happy to be back with her.


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