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We are excited to offer Green Guru Gear starting shortly. We’ve been looking at their products for some time and were very impressed with what we saw of them at the Outdoor Retailer conference.

Their gear is really top quality, and their environmentally sustainable practices fit right in line with our philosophy. Except for the zippers and buckles, almost every other material used in their products is either reclaimed or recycled. One of the neatest things about their products is the individuality and uniqueness. For instance, the Billboard Messenger bags we will be getting are all crafted from a unique piece of signage. the end result is that your bag will be completely unique to you, and you will never see a duplicate.

We will have quite a few different items, so keep checking back at the store over the weekend to see what shows up.

Personally, I am most excited about the new bag I get to try out shortly. The Vulkar is the largest bag in their Blowout Series. It is almost completely made from recycled inner-tubes, and looks to be about as waterproof as anything could possibly be. I’ll post a review as soon as I get the chance to ride around with it for awhile.


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