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Your Green Review posted our green business profile today. 🙂 Woohoo!


The Green Review’s goal is simple “to create an open forum for information sharing and discussion about Green products and the companies that make them as well as environmental and social issues impacting our communities. YGR’s role in all of this is to get the ball rolling until there is enough community participation to support a website consisting entirely of user generated content. Ultimately the community will be both the major contributor and editor of information. We encourage you to participate by

1.) Including your personal experiences and thoughts under the ‘comments’ section.
2.) Making suggestions or telling us about what you’d like to see AND what you don’t by emailing us at YourGreenReview at yahoo [dot] com
3.) Contacting us about contributing to the blog (if you’re so inclined) by becoming a Green Correspondent

This is your planet, your community and your forum-do some research and let us know what you find. Contribute knowledge when you can.”


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