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Today, we are highlighting a local favorite: Jess’ Bee Natural Lip Balms. These all-natural balms are hand poured here in Columbus Ohio by a talented friend using all USA ingredients. They are formulated to sooth and restore dry skin. A super stocking stuffer! $3 each, available in tangerine or peppermint

Last night we decorated our Christmas tree at home. It led me to think about the baubles we decorate with this time of year. I know some people who choose a different decorating scheme each year and end up with hundreds of cheap ornaments that are deemed useless on January 1st. What a waste, I say. We like to reuse ornaments year to year and only add gifts or handmade baubles to our collection. It makes the tradition of hanging ornaments all that more meaningful because we remember where we got the ornament each year as we carefully unwrap it. Do you decorate a tree? What kind of ornaments do you have?

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