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25 Things about Baying Hound

The Facebook ’25 things’ note has been a huge social media phenomona.  We thought you might want to know 25 things about Baying Hound too!

25 Things about Baying Hound Ltd.

  1. Our mission is to provide the green products customers need to enjoy an earth friendly lifestyle.
  2. Our business exists to serve customers, promote eco-friendly practices and use profits wisely.
  3. Our online retail business developed as sort of a bizarre accident.  We began selling military surplus helmets on a shoestring budget and have grown from there.
  4. We had no previous experience in retail before opening BayingHound.com.
  5. Our accountants (Pusateri and Nichols) are paperless and we love that!
  6. All 4 of Rachel and Alex’s siblings have worked for us.
  7. We reclaim boxes and packing material from friends and family.  It’s a win-win situation as they want to get rid of materials and we need them.
  8. We considered participating in 1% for the Planet.
  9. We wanted to give to smaller and more varied charities so we started 1% for Good instead.
  10. Our big hound Devie is good at modeling for product photos devie with sigg
  11. Our little hound Hawise is almost never still long enough for a good photo
  12. The dogs are named after Alex’s ancient relatives
  13. The business is named after our Bluetick Coonhound, Devorguilla aka Devie.   The breed is meant for hunting raccoons but we have no interest in that.  She is, however, in relentless pursuit of squirrels and cats that dare to enter the backyard.
  14. We are still looking for dog gear that meets our production and materials standards (Email us if you know of a great green dog product!)
  15. We have shipped packages to all the continents except Antarctica. We have only shipped to South America once.
  16. Our initial idea for the company was  a microbrewery.  All of the beers were to have dog names.  We put that business idea aside after we realized how much repetitive manual labor and start-up money a microbrewery required.
  17. Alex homebrews beer, hence the microbrewery idea.
  18. We are both avid outdoor types.  Having a child three years ago made us appreciate the trips we were able to take before her and look for new ways to explore nature.
  19. Cycling is our favorite outdoor activity right now because we can enjoy it as a family.
  20. Growing our urban fruit and vegetable garden is another outdoor activity we enjoy.
  21. Two years ago, we could never have pictured maintaining the dizzying array of water bottles that we now possess.
  22. We look forward to a day when we have enough sales to warrant employees and a warehouse.
  23. In our 4 years of business, we have have sold our green gear via ebay store, amazon seller, google site with paypal buttons, a local brick and mortar store Sprout Soup and a yahoo store.
  24. We write a business blog at bayinghound.wordpress.com and personal blog at houndsinthekitchen.com
  25. The best benefit of running Baying Hound is the satisfaction we feel when we communicate with grateful customers.

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