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Why get a metal water bottle?  Here are our top five reasons:

1) Healthy: Stainless steel bottles keep you hydrated without leaching bisphenol-a (BPA), phthlates, or lead.

2) Fresh Taste: Metal bottles offer unsurpassed taste neutrality

ditch disposables with nathan sports

ditch disposables with nathan sports

3) Durability: Stainless steel bottles dent on rare occasion, but remain usable for years.

4) Savings: If you pay $1 for a bottled drink once a day, a stainless bottle will pay for itself in 3-4 weeks.  On travel, when you might pay for drinks 3 times a day, a metal bottle pays for itself in one 7 day vacation!

earthlust nautilus bottle

earthlust nautilus bottle

5) Style: Metal bottles offer something for everyone.  Backpackers love Guyot Designs bottles; Nathan Sports bottles allows you to make a statement about Love and Recycling; Klean Kanteens are practical and colorful; EarthLust designs elevate the beautiful creations of nature.


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