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Congratulations to one of our best selling manufacturers, Klean Kanteen!  They just won the Ocean Heroes award from the Ocean Day organization.

From their press release:

“Klean Kanteen, the original maker of lightweight stainless steel water bottles, was honored last Wednesday at the California Ocean’s Day Reception in Sacramento, hosted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Surfrider Foundation, and the Ocean Conservancy, among others.

The Oceans Day Steering Committee honors one legislator, one government administrator, and one business annually, each of which has demonstrated leadership and significant action to address our oceans’ problems.

According to Leila Monroe, Oceans Policy Analyst for the NRDC, “Klean Kanteen’s products provide great alternative to the use of plastic bottles, which contribute significantly to the problem of marine debris and have many health and other environmental implications. Additionally, we applaud Klean Kanteen’s efforts to improve the entire production cycle and its efforts to spread education on important environmental issues.”

California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi also presented Jeff Cresswell, co-owner of Klean Kanteen with a special award of recognition from his office for the role Klean Kanteen has played in curbing pollution.

These awards are the most recent in a series of major environmental accolades and initiatives for the company. The brand recently became a member of the Conservation Alliance, joining over 160 member companies and a history of almost 7 million dollars in contributions to conservation efforts since the organization’s inception in 1989.

“Klean Kanteen has played a part in local and regional conservation efforts here in California for some time,” Cresswell stated. “But joining the Conservation Alliance allows us to be a part of a larger conservation effort nationwide and is a great new addition to our family of environmental partners.”

In 2008, Klean Kanteen became a member of 1% For The Planet, as well as donating 20% of Fall profits of its pink “renewal” bottle to the Breast Cancer Fund. The brand also partners with NatureBridge, Take Back the Tap, the Yosemite Institute, and many others.”

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And they are so beautiful!

Parsley 20 oz bottle

Parsley 20 oz bottle

Similar in profile to a SIGG bottle but made entirely of stainless steel, the EarthLust bottles are great for those who don’t want to sacrifice design in their quest for a BPA free bottle.   Bottles are available in 13 oz for $16, 20 oz for $18 and 1L for $21 in a variety of nature inspired designs.

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There’s a Baying Hound Way in SC!

Thanks to the wonder that is google alerts, I learned today there is a road called Baying Hound Way in South Carolina.  How cool is that?!?
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Do you drink tap water and notice funny tastes once in awhile?  How about when traveling?

Odd flavors in tap water are usually caused by over chlorination or the presence of other chemicals like iodine.  The chemicals are harmless, but the resulting taste is off-putting.

Enter the TapGuard.

guyot designs tapguard

guyot designs tapguard

Slip the TapGuard into any widemouth bottle (such as Guyot Designs, Nalgene, or Camelback)and your drinking water will be carbon filtered with every gulp. The filter removes chlorine, iodine and other bad tasting chemicals leaving you with sweet fresh water for 200 liters per filter.

Made of BPA free silicone and made in the USA carbon filter, the TapGuard allows you to enjoy tap water from your spout or water fountains while traveling. It is essential through airport travel to enjoy fresh tasting water while avoiding expensive and wasteful one use plastic bottles.  The guard doesn’t protect from harmful bacteria; it is only meant to be used on sanitized water.

Each TapGuard includes two replaceable filters for $15.50. Additional two packs of filters are available for $5.50.

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Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. introduced bills this week to prohibit bisphenol-a (BPA) in products for children and infants.

We have passed along information about the risks of BPA for over two years now via this blog.  Canada has already banned BPA in many products.

We encourage you to take a moment and ask your representatives to vote for this bill!

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Vote for Baying_Hound

We just entered the Intuit Small Business Contest.  Small Business owners were asked to share their story for a chance at great prizes and cash awards.  We want to win to make our business and brand more accessible and engaging.

Please read our story here: http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk

Click on the small blue icons that say ‘inspiring’, ‘useful’ and ‘funny’.  The site will pull up a simple registration.  You can vote for us for all three categories if you wish by clicking on each of the icons.

Thank you!

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We have often considered whether the ecommerce model is more earth friendly than brick and mortar.  For some things like those you could pick up at the local grocery store, e-commerce probably wastes more resources in transportation.  But for more unique items like those Baying Hound carries, we have always figured the average person would travel far enough that buying online wastes fewer resources than buying from a brick and mortar store.

Now Carnegie Mellon has done a study to evaluate this idea.  “In a study of this nature with numerous variables, we took great care to estimate average case performance using simulations and approximations,” said H. Scott Matthews, associate professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University and research director of the Green Design Institute. “We were able to show that in the majority of cases studied, the Buy.com e-commerce model does perform better than shopping at traditional retail in the areas of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.”

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