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Local weekly This Week Community News reported on our business and contest entry today.

an excerpt “BayingHound.com, which peddles earth-friendly products, is one of 50 small businesses that have been named as finalists for a grant competition from Intuit software that will hand out $300,000 in grants.”

Read the whole article here.

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Today, we want to quickly update you about our progress in the Intuit Small Business Grant Competition.

If you have already voted, thank you!  We currently have just above 200 votes.  Votes only count for 40% of the competition, but that is an important percentage.  We aim to be in the top 10 by vote counts by the end of the contest, just 5 days from now!

Many of our customers and supporters have contacted us to say they are having trouble voting.  Of course we want to help!  Here’s how to vote:

1) Go to http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk
2) Watch our video
3) Click on one of the blue icons (funny, useful, or inspiring)
4) A registration screen will pop up.  Enter your email address and a password.

  • *If the ‘create account’ button isn’t working, look for red outlines – they indicate an error in the registration form.

5) The site will record your vote.
6) Click on the other two blue icons to give us two more votes.
7) Leave a comment if you wish.  Comments are not recorded as votes, but they might sway other viewers and we love to read what you think.

Some people have asked us about voting more than once from the same computer (i.e. if there is more than one person in the same household.)  If you want to do this, you first need to sign out by visiting http://community.intuit.com/ Then, go back to our video page (http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk) and complete steps 2 – 7 above.

Intuit has prepared a video cast if you prefer to watch the experience of voting before you take a stab at it.

If you still can not register your vote, please email Rachel right away.

Thanks again for your support!

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We recently gave a talk at Orvis Dayton about water.

This is the first big camping weekend and we figure some people might want to read our take on water sourcing and purification.

How to Find Water
At home, choose tap water or filtered water.  Bottled water contributes to waste and chemical content is not reported.

Consider adding rain barrels to your garden as a way to ease the burden of sewage systems.

Outdoors, look for free flowing clear water.  If none is to be found, follow hillsides downward.  Look for lush plant life and wildlife as possible water sources.  Avoid muddy or standing water if possible, as they are most likely to have bacterial growth.

What can be in unpurified water?

  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Giardia and Cryptosporidia, causes of severe intestinal disease
  • Turbidation, i.e. dirt particles in water

How to Purify Water

Our recommendation is to invest in a hand powered water filter.  Costing about $90, these filters will last through thousands of gallons of water cleaned.  Simply put one end in the water source, the other end in your water container, and pump until container is full.  Removes all pathogens.

Iodine or chlorine dioxide tablets are another popular choice.  To use, drop in a container with sourced water and wait.  4 hours is the recommended wait time to guard against cryptosporidia.

Household bleach can be used in a pinch, at a rate of 1/8 tsp (8 drops) per gallon of water.  Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes before use.

Boiling water for 5 minutes kills pathogens, but is an extensive use of  fuel.

How to Store Water

We advise taking enough vessels on an outdoors trip to equal half of your daily drinking needs—at minimum, a 1 liter container.

You want a bottle that is lightweight enough to not be a burden, strong enough to not break if it is dropped, and one which does not impart flavor or chemical toxins.  Stainless steel is an ideal material to meet those needs and a variety of stainless steel bottles exist in the marketplace.

Many clear plastic water bottles contain an additive called bisphenol-a, or BPA.  BPA has been connected to many cancers and other life threatening diseases.  Some counties have banned the substance and many manufacturers are phasing it out of production.  If you have an old plastic bottle, consider a switch soon.

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Video Outtakes

When filming our Intuit Small Business Grant Competition video, we ended up with lots of cute and funny outtakes.  Here’s the first one of the little dog Hawise and little girl Lillian misbehaving.

Have you voted yet?  If so, thank you so much!  If not, please visit http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk today and click on the blue ‘funny’, ‘inspiring’, and ‘useful’ icons.

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Dog Gear in the store!

With the re-design of our store, we added a new section customer have been begging for: dog gear.

Currently the Dog category includes reclaimed material leashes,organic cotton collars, and biodegradable waste bags.  We hope to add eco friendly food and water bowls soon.

What else would you dog lovers like to see?

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…it might still work!

Our friend Jess of Jess’ Bee Natural lip balms came over the other day.  She was carrying the most dented Klean Kanteen bottle we had ever seen.

one dented bottle

one dented bottle

Amazingly the mouthpiece and top were still perfectly usable.  The story goes that Jess’ boyfriend was hunting morels and left the water bottle on top of a truck.  It fell off and was run over before anyone figured out what was going on.  They picked it up and found it to be still water tight!

from this side you can hardly tell

from this side you can hardly tell

So while we wouldn’t recommend smashing your stainless steel bottle with a vehicle, we are now even more confident in the durability of the Klean Kanteen.

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Voting for the Small Business Grant is live!  After you vote, please consider doing one or more of the following to help us get out the vote.

1) Send a quick email to friends and family asking for their vote.  Suggested text:

A business I support, BayingHound.com, is a finalist in the Intuit Small Business Grant Competition.  They want their green business to grow, and the grand prize grant of $25,000 will allow them to do just that.  BayingHound.com has prepared a video to share their story.   Will you take a few minutes to view their video and vote at http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk by clicking the blue funny, useful, and inspiring icons?  Thanks!

2) Grab our button.  If you have a blog or website, we invite you to grab our voting button pictured below by copying the html below to your site sidebar or blog post.

3) Post a paper flyer at your local community center, grocery store, etc.  Email me with your address and I will send you a few flyers, business cards, and maybe a special gift.

4) Post a link to the voting page ( http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk ) to your facebook, twitter, or other social media account.  Sample tweet:
Please help a green store grow! Vote for http://www.BayingHound.com in the Intuit Grant Competition. http://tinyurl.com/vote-hound
5) Leave a comment and let us know what you are doing.  Thank you so much!!

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