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blue q bottlesA writer friend, Chris, recently saw our Blue Q bottles and had to have one.  I asked her to use it for awhile and write up her opinion.

“Well, ask and you shall receive (sort of). I love Klean Kanteens, but being a finicky consumer, wished that they had more…. pizzaz. Well, now they (sort of) do. Granted, these bottles are NOT Klean Kanteen at all. In fact, they are made by a different company all together. BUT they fit KK lids, so essentially they are KK-esque (but not in different sizes) with ‘tude.

The designs are gorgeous; colorful, exciting, visually pleasing and they have just a pinch of sauciness (but you can opt for the saucy-free versions too)! They hold 20 oz of your favorite beverage and travel well, of course.  Never has being BPA-free been so appealing! Bye-bye boring, hello sassy!”

If you have to have a sassyBlue Q bottle yourself, hop over to the store.  They’re only $17.50 each.

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