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When I see a display like this in a big box store:

cheap bottles

$9 for a 700 mL bottle?

I am reminded why we sell Klean Kanteen, Nathan Sports, EarthLust, Blue Q and Thinksport bottles, not no-brand cheap things.  It’s because our bottles have:

*quality of materials ~ Our bottles are created from high quality (surgical grade) stainless steel.  Discount bottles? Usually aluminum of indeterminate quality, maybe with lining of indeterminate quality

*quality of manufacturing ~ Our bottles are made to strict specifications so the tops always fit and the sizing is consistent. A discount manufacturer approached us once and we asked for a sample bottle. It leaked, had rough edges around the sipping surface and was out of true.

*ethical manufacturing standards ~ All the manufacturers we carry regularly inspect their manufacturing facilities to ensure employees are paid fairly and treated well.  If a discount bottle manufacturer doesn’t share their manufacturing ethics, the logical conclusion is that they are cutting corners somewhere.

*customer service ~ Our manufacturers are established businesses making bottles for the right reason: to give consumers a safe durable drinking vessel.  If a customer ever has a complaint, the manufacturers replace the product and address the design flaw (if there was one) quickly.  Those other bottles sometimes do not even list a manufacturer to contact if and when you have a problem.

*profits shared with charity ~ We donate 1% of all sales to various charities through our 1% for Good program.  Purchases of Klean Kanteen and Earthlust bottles go one step further as they are members of 1% For the Planet.

Most good things in life cost more, as they have more benefits to people and the planet.

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