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THANK YOU for the overwhelming response to this offer.  The program ended October 1, 2009.

We updated this post with the SIGG Bottle Return FAQs.

We feel obligated to report that the SIGG company, a manufacturer of water bottles we previously sold, recently announced that their bottles produced before August 2008 contained Bisphenol-A (BPA) in the lining.  A SIGG statement maintains that “The bottles were thoroughly and regularly tested in both the USA and Switzerland and all tests revealed absolutely no migration or leaching of BPA or any other substance from the protective inner liner.”

While this assertion may or may not be true, we remain frustrated that many of our customers bought SIGG bottles expecting them to be BPA free.

To satisfy our customers and our own desire to see the world populated with truly BPA free items, we are offering a SIGG Bottle Replacement Program.  If you would like to participate, here’s how:

1) Send your bottle back to us at Baying Hound Ltd. 349 Tibet Rd Columbus OH 43202.  We recommend shipping with US parcel post or first class mail.  Include a note with your email address.  We will accept packages postmarked October 1 and earlier.

2) We will email you a discount code for 40% off a Klean Kanteen, Blue Q, Earthlust, Nathan Sports, Thinksport or Guyot Designs bottle as a replacement.

Blue Q, our latest and greatest bottles

Blue Q, our latest and greatest bottles

3) All SIGG bottles collected will be recycled or returned to the SIGG corporation.

If you never bought a SIGG, you too can save on a new bottle.  Just use the code ‘notasigg’ and get 20% off your bottle order at www.BayingHound.com through Setpember 15.

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