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Dear friends,

With our interests refocused on urban homesteading and our patience waning with the retail ‘sell, sell, sell’ model, we are closing our online retail store, Baying Hound.com.

Clearance sales start this week at Baying Hound and will continue until all BPA free water bottles, reusable bags, and eco accessories are gone. Shop now for the best selection of earth friendly gear at 30% off and falling.

We will miss bringing high quality goods to our customers and appreciate the support you have shown over the years.

Be well,

Rachel and Alex

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Baying Hound president Rachel Tayse Baillieul was featured in an article about using social media in the magazine Columbus C.E.O.

Rachel was interviewed about Baying Hound’s use of twitter, facebook, and this blog in marketing for our eco-friendly store.

From the article: “In all of our marketing, we try to think like the consumer and as consumers ourselves, it is more about listening or providing answers than just trying to sell,” she says.  Bayng Hound’s use of social media is
paying off. Sometimes blog comments or page views will increase following a particular tweet.

You can read more in the Columbus C.E.O. July 2009 issue on newsstands now.

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One of the features of the redesigned BayingHound.com is the simple customer reviews.  We know that customers love to read each other’s product ratings.

Can you share rate your gear?  Here’s how:

* Search for the product with the search bar in top left of the store.
* Click on the product you own.
* Scroll to the bottom of the description.
* Click on the green ‘add review’ text.  You will see the simple review form like this:

review* Enter your name (first name is fine).
* Add a sentence or two with your input.
* Choose from 1 – 5 stars.
* Click ‘Save Product Review’.

Thanks!  Future customers will appreciate your opinion.

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Thank You!

It isn’t in our nature to self-promote much.  We don’t like to nag or beg.  But the last few weeks we have been doing everything we can to get out the votes for the Intuit Small Business Grant Competition.

THANK YOU to everyone who listened, voted, and left comments.

We are moved by the support.

The results of the competition will be announced June 4.  To us, we have already won by hearing from so many lovely customers and friends.

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Local weekly This Week Community News reported on our business and contest entry today.

an excerpt “BayingHound.com, which peddles earth-friendly products, is one of 50 small businesses that have been named as finalists for a grant competition from Intuit software that will hand out $300,000 in grants.”

Read the whole article here.

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Today, we want to quickly update you about our progress in the Intuit Small Business Grant Competition.

If you have already voted, thank you!  We currently have just above 200 votes.  Votes only count for 40% of the competition, but that is an important percentage.  We aim to be in the top 10 by vote counts by the end of the contest, just 5 days from now!

Many of our customers and supporters have contacted us to say they are having trouble voting.  Of course we want to help!  Here’s how to vote:

1) Go to http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk
2) Watch our video
3) Click on one of the blue icons (funny, useful, or inspiring)
4) A registration screen will pop up.  Enter your email address and a password.

  • *If the ‘create account’ button isn’t working, look for red outlines – they indicate an error in the registration form.

5) The site will record your vote.
6) Click on the other two blue icons to give us two more votes.
7) Leave a comment if you wish.  Comments are not recorded as votes, but they might sway other viewers and we love to read what you think.

Some people have asked us about voting more than once from the same computer (i.e. if there is more than one person in the same household.)  If you want to do this, you first need to sign out by visiting http://community.intuit.com/ Then, go back to our video page (http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk) and complete steps 2 – 7 above.

Intuit has prepared a video cast if you prefer to watch the experience of voting before you take a stab at it.

If you still can not register your vote, please email Rachel right away.

Thanks again for your support!

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Video Outtakes

When filming our Intuit Small Business Grant Competition video, we ended up with lots of cute and funny outtakes.  Here’s the first one of the little dog Hawise and little girl Lillian misbehaving.

Have you voted yet?  If so, thank you so much!  If not, please visit http://community.intuit.com/contests/dFOX2GyhGqllvkab8P4pmk today and click on the blue ‘funny’, ‘inspiring’, and ‘useful’ icons.

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