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In the next two weeks we want to produce a winning video for the Intuit Contest.  If judges and voters like it, the video can earn BayingHound.com $25,000!

Were getting a Flip Camera!

We're getting a Flip Camera!

The theme of our video will be “We sell the most eco-friendly outdoor gear.  Now we want to become the most environmentally friendly online store complete with no waste systems and alternative powered office and warehouse.”

We want your ideas to help make this video rock.  We would love to have your input on:

shooting locations




editing techniques/software


We would love to have a discussion through comments on this post.  If you prefer, you can always email Rachel directly.

(Lest you think this blog will be entirely about the contest for the next month, we do have informational posts coming up soon!)

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This is the last time we will ask you to vote for Baying Hound in the Intuit Contest. The voting ends in 24 hours!

We want to be the online source for the finest eco-friendly outdoor gear. Here’s how we plan to grow should we advance in the contest:

-finish our web redesign with the help of a programmer to make it more user friendly
-add a dog gear category to our store
-invest in biodegradable shipping materials where we currently use lightweight recyclable plastic

If you already voted, thank you so very much. If not, please take 60 seconds to show your support of our earth friendly business today. You can vote for us in all three categories, ‘inspiring’, ‘fun’, and ‘useful’ by clicking on the matching blue icons on our entry page. We appreciate it so much.

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I am about to move our blogger blog over here.  Just testing some links first with this post.

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