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Do you use lip balm?  Do you know what’s in your lip balm?

Most balms on the market are comprised primarily of petroleum jelly, an unnatural, unsustainable ingredient.  Petroleum jelly is indeed derived from non-renewable oil, often served up in a non recyclable plastic tube.

In addition to not being eco-friendly, petroleum based balms don’t actually work well.  Petroleum is not absorbed into the skin, so it only provides surface protection.

On the other hand, all natural balms have natural oil bases.  Natural oils and shea butter (a popular all natural balm ingredient) absorb into the skin, rehydrating dry lips from the inside.

Jess' Bee Natural Lip Balms

Jess' Bee Natural Lip Balms

We are excited to carry Jess’ Bee Natural Lip Balms, now in six flavors.  Jess’ balms use only the finest ingredients, from the local beeswax to the essential oil from Florida.  All of the packaging supplies are also made in the USA: labels are printed right here in Columbus, Ohio, by a family owned company and the tubes are made in the Carolinas.  Best of all, they are hand poured to ensure the highest quality right here in our home town of Columbus Ohio.

Because we want all of you to treat your lips with these eco-friendly balms, we are offering special pricing deal.  Buy one balm for $3, two for $5.50, or four for $10.

Treat your lips to a soothing eco-friendly balm today!


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