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Do you drink tap water and notice funny tastes once in awhile?  How about when traveling?

Odd flavors in tap water are usually caused by over chlorination or the presence of other chemicals like iodine.  The chemicals are harmless, but the resulting taste is off-putting.

Enter the TapGuard.

guyot designs tapguard

guyot designs tapguard

Slip the TapGuard into any widemouth bottle (such as Guyot Designs, Nalgene, or Camelback)and your drinking water will be carbon filtered with every gulp. The filter removes chlorine, iodine and other bad tasting chemicals leaving you with sweet fresh water for 200 liters per filter.

Made of BPA free silicone and made in the USA carbon filter, the TapGuard allows you to enjoy tap water from your spout or water fountains while traveling. It is essential through airport travel to enjoy fresh tasting water while avoiding expensive and wasteful one use plastic bottles.  The guard doesn’t protect from harmful bacteria; it is only meant to be used on sanitized water.

Each TapGuard includes two replaceable filters for $15.50. Additional two packs of filters are available for $5.50.


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